KNG & Co. Advocates LLP Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution


KNG & Co. Advocates LLP specializes in Dispute Resolution, offering a range of services to effectively resolve legal disputes for their clients. The firm’s Dispute Resolution practice covers the following areas:

  1. Civil Litigation & Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR): The firm represents clients in civil litigation matters, advocating for their interests in court. They also provide alternative dispute resolution services, such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, to help clients resolve disputes outside of traditional litigation processes.
  2. Taxation Law: KNG & Co. Advocates LLP offers legal advice and representation in taxation matters. This includes assisting clients in tax disputes, tax planning, compliance with tax laws and regulations, and resolving tax-related conflicts.
  3. Labour & Employment Law: The firm advises clients on matters related to labour and employment law. This includes employment contract drafting and review, workplace dispute resolution, employment terminations, and representation in labour-related disputes.
  4. Public Interest Litigation: KNG & Co. Advocates LLP engages in public interest litigation, representing individuals, groups, or organizations in cases that have broader implications for society. They work towards promoting justice, fairness, and public welfare through their litigation efforts.
  5. Debt Recovery: The firm assists clients in debt recovery matters, representing their interests in pursuing outstanding payments. They employ legal strategies to recover debts efficiently and effectively.
  6. Probate & Administration and Preparation of Wills: KNG & Co. Advocates LLP handles probate and administration matters, assisting clients in the administration of estates and the distribution of assets. They also provide services related to the preparation and drafting of wills to ensure proper estate planning.
  7. Criminal Litigation & Advisory: The firm provides legal representation and advisory services in criminal litigation matters. They defend clients facing criminal charges and offer legal advice on criminal law issues.
  8. Tribunal Forums: KNG & Co. Advocates LLP represents clients in various tribunal forums, such as the Employment and Labour Relations Court, the Tax Appeals Tribunal, and other specialized tribunals. They advocate for their clients’ interests and provide legal expertise in these specialized areas.

Dispute Resolution Summary Legal Areas

  • Civil Litigation & Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Taxation Law
  • Labour & Employment Law
  • Public Interest Litigation
  • Debt Recovery
  • Probate & Administration and Preparation of Wills
  • Criminal Litigation & Advisory
  • Tribunal Forums


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